Health Fair August 18th 2023

St. Paul had a great day reaching out to our neighbors and offering important resources for many of them. This is just the beginning of many future neighborhood outreach events planned at the church. 

  • Almost 20 organizations participated!  
  • Louisiana Workforce connected 13 individuals with potential employment.          
  • A local organizer heavily involved in the co-op housed in the Healing Center offered opportunities to visit his fruit orchards on Algiers Point between October and December. 
  • An individual 68 years old with medicare – has never been able to navigate the benefits – scheduled his first primary care appointment in 30 years with Oak Street Health
  • Feeding Louisiana resolved medicaid application confusion with 4 individuals. 
  • A frequent pantry visitor has been seeking follow-up care regarding a health diagnosis. He connected with a provider now that he can walk to, which was the primary barrier to care. 
  • Six individuals were able to update their voter registration.
  • Several individuals learned more about their blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and related health information.
  • Trystereo (A NOLA Harm Reduction Network) provided critical supplies for overdose prevention, some of which was shared with a representative of Narcotics Anonymous. Those supplies will save lives.

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